El segundo avance del anime de televisión de Migi y Dali lista al equipo actualizado y su estreno para el Otoño


The upcoming television anime of Nami Sano’s manga, Migi & Dali (Migi to Dali), has debuted its second teaser promotional video and main key visual on Sunday. The anime will be premiered in Fall 2023. The teaser also listed the updated staff and studio lineup of the anime, with Mankyū as sound director and director and supervising the series scripts. Furthermore, Ayumi Nishibata is serving as chief animation director, and Geek Toys as the main animation production studio. The manga was launched in Kadokawa’s harta magazine in July 2017 and was ended in November 2021. Shun Horie will be playing the character of Migi, while Ayumu Murase will be playing Dali. The anime’s story revolves around a boy named Hitori, who is secretly aided by an angel named Dali, as they face various problems in their life.

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