Episodio 12 – ONIMAI: ¡Ahora soy tu hermana!

Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister! Episode 12 Review

Onimai’s final episode explores Mahiro’s relationship with his changing body and identity, while also providing a fair amount of fan service and humor along the way.

The episode begins with a visit to a traditional Japanese inn, where our characters quickly climb into the hot springs. The steam covers most of the screen, but we still get some clear drawings of Kaede and Miyo’s breasts. The humor of the episode shines through in the scene where Mahiro’s penis starts growing back before the rest of his appearance changes, and he panics, making his little sister touch his penis. We also get to see Kay Yu’s animation work with exaggerated expressions that punctuate the humor with literal flurries of movement.

In this episode, Mahiro’s ambiguous relationship with his female body is resolved as he makes a choice about which body he wants to stay in for the moment. He starts becoming more accepting of having a female gender identity, and insists to Mihari on the train that he will turn back into a boy eventually, but knowingly smiles when she implies that he may continue to choose to remain in his current state indefinitely. It is an interesting insight into his evolving identity.

Onimai may have had individual hit-or-miss stories, but the gender-bending elements, as well as the unique humor and animation, made the series stand out. The episode reinforces the foregone conclusion of the show and provides a perfect finale for Mahiro’s story.

Overall, this episode is a mix of fan service, humor, and emotional growth, making it a fitting end to a unique and interesting series. Onimai is a must-watch for those looking for a different take on gender and identity in anime.

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